North of England Sprint Rowing Championships

The explore races are limited to up to eight crews using HLRC matched quads.

The explore races are held outside of BRoE to allow for recreational rowers to experience taking part at a regatta event. 

Medals will be provided to winners and points will be allocated to the crews club for the Victor Ludorum

Explore Races

Entry Requirement

All rowing team members must be British Rowing Members. This can be either Row or Race membership.

18+ on the event day (coxes may be under 18).

Not an event winner (sculling or sweep) at an affiliated regatta at the time of entry (but you can have old-style points if returning to rowing after a break).

Coxes can have rowing or coxing points and can have had wins at regattas.

The entry fee is £12 a seat and must be paid before the draw takes place.


  • Each club may enter a maximum of two crews.
  • Crews can be open or women.
  • Coxes for a team need not be from the team’s own club.
  • Teams must wear a uniform kit or colour; preferably a main colour of their club..


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